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February 17, 2018 | 0 Cloud(s)
She's gone.

Time goes by so fast, its 2018 for this year and finally I'd be able to blogging. There have many things happened in my life such as I continue my studies in course Financial, I took a driving license and ya obviously I'm growing up turning 19 this year.

For this time, I want to convey what has happened to me in 2017 where I am 18 years old have encountered difficult times. 

It started when I very firstly adapt to life as a college student which we all know like we living independently, managing our own money how to spend it wisely, how to deal with new people around, new cultured everything I swear it's very difficult to going through.

Until one day, when I was under great pressure. I got a call from my sister. She sounds restrained, holding tears. She told me something that really broke my heart. My beloved cat, Amoy has died. Amoy dead because she gave birth.

According to my sister before Amoy dead, Amoy waited for me to back home by sleeping on my bed every night. 

That news really broke my heart and my tears ran steadily. I really miss my cat:'(. I can't describe how lonely I am when I'm back home. Because Amoy was part of my family since I was 12 years old. The sad part is the kittens all died after a few week because there's no breastfeeding.

I know some of you will not understand this kind of situation, losing pets. But Anatole France tells the same message "until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remain unawakened". 

The animal can be your listener friend for sure the loyal one. Can you imagine you lose someone that loyal to you? That's how its hurt.

What has happened is that I've been taking lessons to become stronger to stand on my own feet. xoxo.